ASP.NET Web Hosting FAQ

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Windows ASP.NET Web Hosting FAQ

What is shared hosting?
Our ASP.NET hosting packages are classified as Shared Hosting. It is called so because the resources on these servers are shared by many clients. In Shared Hosting a customer gets FTP access to a server for uploading their websites files. The customer also gets End-user Control Panel access to add/configure domains, database and to create email accounts, etc.
Does the hosting plan support ASP and ASP.NET? Are your Web hosting plans reliable? Why should I choose Shared Account over Reseller when I get more resources for less? How can I enable ASP.NET 4.5 for my website that hosted at If i want to host my website at, am i needed to transfer my domain name to How long does it take for my account to be activated? How can i access my email accounts? Do you offer UNIX / LINUX hosting? Do I get Free SQL Server Database? What hosting plan should I purchase? Do you support ASP.NET or Silverlight? Do you support Ruby on Rails and Java? Do you support WordPress Blogging and WordPress Themes? What version of SQL Server you have? Where are your servers hosted at? Can I host more than one independent website?