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ASP.NET 1.1 is one of the Microsoft's Active Server Pages technology which is a part of the Microsoft .NET framework, and a powerful tool for creating dynamic and interactive web pages.

SeekDotNet provides the maximum ASP.NET features for a minimal monthly price. Whether you are a serious seasoned Microsoft .NET developer, migrating from ASP or just learning it - our ASP.NET hosting platform is perfect for hosting ASP.NET driven web applications.

ASP.NET is a technology for creating dynamic web pages. It is part of the Microsoft .NET framework. You can develop applications in any .NET compatible language, including Visual Basic .NET and C#.

How does ASP.NET make deployment easier?

ASP.NET simplifies installation of your application. You can deploy an entire application as easily as an HTML page; just copy it to the server. There is no need to register any components, and configuration settings are stored in an XML file within the application.

How do I know that SeekDotNet is an expert in ASP.NET Hosting?

We do not just make claims about our ability to host ASP.NET, we use this robust framework throughout our entire hosting infrastructure. We built our own hosting automation system and control panel using this technology. SeekDotNet is ASP.NET Hosting by ASP.NET experts.

Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Features and Benefits

  • Easier Programming Model: ASP.NET makes developing web applications much easier. Its server controls enable an HTML-like style of declarative programming that lets you build dynamic web pages with much less code than with classic ASP. Displaying data, validating user input, and uploading files are all easier. It also works in all browsers.
  • Programming Language Options: ASP.NET allows you to leverage your current programming language skills. Unlike classic ASP, which supports only interpreted VBScript and Java Script, the new version supports more than 25 .NET languages (including VB.NET and C#).
  • Authoring Tools: You can develop ASP.NET applications in Notepad, but Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET) adds the productivity of Visual Basic-style development to web applications.
  • Rich Class Framework: The .NET Framework offers over 4000 classes that provide rich functionality like XML, data access, file upload, regular expressions, logging and SMTP mail, and much more!

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