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 Professional MS SQL 2008 Hosting Provider, Extend Solutions With Comprehensive Analytics, Include Support For Structured and Semi-Structured Data, Create Reports To Be Published To the Report Server, MS SQL 2008 Includes Transparent Encryption Of Data, and Compatible with the MS SQL 2008 Management and Collaboration Application

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MSSQL 2008 aims to make data management self-tuning, self organizing, and self maintaining with the development of SQL Server Always On technologies, to provide near-zero downtime. SQL Server 2008 will also include support for structured and semi-structured data, including digital media formats for pictures, audio, video and other multimedia data.

Previous version SQL Server supported on

SQL Server 2000 hosting and SQL Server 2005 hosting are still supported.

Cheap MSSQL 2008 Hosting Features and Benefits

  • We will using dedicated SQL Servers provide enhanced performance, reliability, and dedicated resources for your application
  • Fully support on all SQL Server 2008 features plus new SQL Server 2008 features included DBO Rights to SQL 2005, ASP.NET SQL Session, SQLXML 4.0, Order Multiple SQL 2008 Database Add-ons Additional SQL 2008 Login Manager
  • We have a full team of Dedicated SQL Hosting experts that have a broad range of experience in SQL Hosting administration, optimization, backups, restores, and implementation
  • With the lowest implementation and maintenance costs in the industry, SeekDotNet Dedicated SQL Server 2012 delivers rapid return on your data management investment
  • Benchmarked for scalability, speed, and performance, Our dedicated SQL Server 2008 is a full, enterprise-class SQL database hosting product, providing core support for Extensible Markup Language (XML) and internet queries
  • We support Easy-to-Use Business Intelligence (BI) Tools
  • We also support Self-Tuning and Management Capabilities
  • We will create a daily routine backup copy of your database to ensure reliability

MS SQL Server 2008 Hosting Feature

    • Analysis Services

Build enterprise-scale solutions, Extend solutions with comprehensive analytics, and Deliver intelligence insights through familiar tools

    • Data Mining

Inform business decisions with predictive insight, Integrate prediction into every step of the data life cycle, and Embed prediction to create intelligent applications

    • High Availability - Always On

Increased Availability, Decreased Downtime, and Improved Manageability

    • Integration Services

Enterprise-Ready Platform, Developer Productivity, and Extensible and Customizable

    • Manageability

Scale with ease, Conform to desired intent, Monitor and optimize to maximize performance,and Increase visibility into system health

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