ASP.NET and PHP Software Installer

 Install Blogging , Photos Gallery ,E-commerce, Fully supported Joomla, Drupal , PhpBB , DotNetNuke, We constantly update and upgrade the latest software, Everything listed below is automated and free, ASP.NET portal and PHP portal supported, MS SQL 2005 and MS SQL 2008 supported, Classic ASP Hosting, PHP Hosting and MySQL Hosting, Full LIVE CHAT 24/7 support, Free SQL Server Express Database and MySQL, and 30 Days Money Back

List of Our ASP.NET / PHP Automated Software Portal

Below is the list of our supported software portal that can be installed automatically from control panel. We will keep adding and expand this list so you can have more options to install free software on your site. All of the software is supported on all hosting plans. However some of the software portal requires database such as SQL Server or MySQL. Please make sure that you still have free slots available. You can try our Control Panel demo. However in the demo, you do not have the options to test the software installation.

Free ASP.NET Website Application

DotNetNuke Hosting

DotNetNuke Hosting

DotNetNuke (DNN) is a content management system ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial web sites, intranets and extranets,and online publishing portals. Requirements: ASP.NET 4.5, MSSQL 2014/MSSQL 2012/MSSQL Express

Community Server hosting

Community Server Hosting

Community Server is the award winning platform for rapidly enabling both small and large online communities. Requirements: ASP.NET 3.5,MSSQL 2012/MSSQL 2008/MSSQL Express

mojoPortal hosting

mojoPortal Hosting

mojoPortal is an Object Oriented web site framework written in C# that runs under ASP.NET on Windows. Requirements: ASP.NET 2, MSSQL 2005/MSSQL Express

Kentico hosting

Kentico Hosting

Full-featured content management system for easy development of web sites, on-line stores, intranets and Web 2.0 social networks on the ASP.NET platform.

dasBlog hosting

DasBlog Hosting

dasBlog is an ASP.NET blogging application. It runs on ASP.NET 2.0 and above, dasBlog does not require a database, so it is easier to get setup and cheaper to host. All that dasBlog requires is that you grant write access to a folder so that dasBlog can save your information as XML.

BlogEngine hosting

BlogEngine.NET Hosting

  • BlogEngine.NET is a fully featured, open source blogging platform written in ASP.NET.
  • BlogEngine.NET is easily customizable with many downloadable themes, widgets, and extensions
Umbraco hosting

Umbraco Hosting

The friendly CMS that supports all modern browsers; users can edit with Word or LiveWriter; designers can create accessible and valid XHTML; developers can integrate any .NET control simply.

ScrewTurn hosting

ScrewTurn Wiki Hosting

ASP.NET-based Wiki Software; allows to build a lightweight Intranet/Internet knowledge base, supporting article versioning and rollback, a basic authorization scheme and simplified file sharing.

Atom hosting

AtomSite Hosting

AtomSite is a standards-based online publishing platform that is highly extensible, easy to use, and built using ASP.NET MVC.

Gallery Server hosting

Gallery Server Pro Hosting

Powerful .NET web gallery for photos, video, audio and documents. Supports image metadata, watermarking, user security, searching and community galleries. Use as a stand-alone installation or integrate into existing apps.

SiteFinity hosting

Sitefinity Hosting

Sitefinity Community Edition is a flexible ASP.NET CMS that requires no additional learning. Engineered for extensibility, Sitefinity helps you deliver compelling websites in a shorter time than you ever expected.

Kbiki hosting

Kbiki Hosting

Kbiki is an attempt to combine Knowledge Base system with a power and flexibility of Wiki! Kbiki provides WYSIWYG content editing without any alternative formatting Wiki-style constructions, it has tagging support, RSS syndication support, Windows Live Writer support and much, much more...

MyBlog hosting

MyBlog Hosting

A simple blogging engine written by Bipin Joshi as a sample application to his "Develop your own Blog" article.

 Personal Web Site hosting

Personal Web Site

A typical personal site that includes a photo album system. Also included are static pages for a resume and links. Comes in your choice of white or black... just change the theme!

  Classifieds Web Site Starter Kit hosting

Classifieds Web Site Starter Kit

The Classifieds Site Starter Kit provides a complete, ready to run, fully customizable, Web site for listing and managing classified advertisements.

  Club Web Site Starter Kit hosting

Club Web Site Starter Kit

A starting point for creating a web site for your club or organization. Includes a news posting, calendaring, member directory, and photo album systems. Create news announcements and news articles with photos or links to a photo album. Create and view Membership lists of club members. Create photo albums and share the photos from your club activities.

Paypal Starter Kit hosting

Paypal eCommerce Site Starter Kit

The PayPal-enabled eCommerce Starter Kit is an extensible open source web application that allows you to setup and manage your own ecommerce Web site.

Job Site Starter Kit hosting

Job Site Starter Kit

Job Site Starter Kit is a web application that provides a platform for candidates seeking job and the employers to share their needs. The starter kit demonstrates many new features of ASP.NET 2.0 including themes, master pages, new data controls, membership, roles and profiles.

Media Library Starter Kit hosting

Media Library Starter Kit

The Media Share Library Starter Kit enables you to easily create an application that allows registered users to present a collection of media items (such as movie DVD's, music CDs, books, and more) for other registered users to borrow.

Small Business Site Starter Kit hosting

Small Business Site Starter Kit

The Small Business Starter Kit provides a sample of a business promotion website suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides a template for customizing and creating a site for your own business out-of-the-box, with advanced features including integration with SQL and XML data sources for content and data management.