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 Professional Visual Studio Light Switch Hosting Provider, Developing latest ASP.NET 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 applications, New versions of C# and Visual Basic languages, Improved developer experience through new features, Visual Studio Light Switch offers much better AJAX, Jquery and JavaScript support, and Compatible with the Visual Studio Light Switch Management and Collaboration Application

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Visual Studio Light Switch is the recommended tool for developing Latest ASP.NET 4.5 applications. Most business applications are forms-over-data applications that provide a UI for viewing, adding, and modifying data. When you use other development tools to build forms-over-data applications, much of your time is spent on repetitive tasks. You write code to interact with a database, you write code for the user interface, and you write code for the business logic. When you use LightSwitch, much of the repetitive work is done for you and, in fact, you can create a LightSwitch application without writing any code at all! For most applications, the only code you have to write is the code that only you can write: the business logic.

Visual Studio Light Switch (VS.NET Light Switch) also includes an improved Designer experience, JavaScript debugging and IntelliSense features, and the ability to view and even step into the core .NET Framework code during debugging.

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ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting at supports Visual Studio 2005 Hosting and ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting plans supports latest Visual Studio 2012 hosting. View more Visual Studio hosting details.

Visual Studio Light Switch Hosting Compatibility Features

Visual Studio 2012 Hosting at are compatible with Windows 2012 hosting with IIS 8 Hosting and Windows 2008 hosting with IIS 7 Hosting. It also be able to functions well on MS SQL 2012 hosting and the latest MS SQL 2008 hosting. Visual Studio 2008 hosting is ASP.NET Ajax hosting compatible.

Visual Studio Light Switch FAQ

Visual Studio 2013 is focused on development of Windows 7, 2013 Office system, and Web applications. Among other things, it brings a new language feature, LINQ, new versions of C# and Visual Basic languages, a Windows Presentation Foundation visual designer, and improvements to the .NET Framework.

How efficient is Visual Studio Light Switch ?

The Visual Studio debugger includes features targeting easier debugging of multi-threaded applications. In debugging mode, in the Threads window, which lists all the threads, hovering over a thread will display the stack trace of that thread in tooltips. The threads can directly be named and flagged for easier identification from that window itself.

Visual Studio Light Switch Hosting Features

  • LINQ Support
  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Multi-Targeting Support
  • JavaScript Debugging Support
  • Debugging .NET Framework Library Source Code

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