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Top 10 Reasons why choose us as your web hosting provider

Microsoft .NET Hosting on ASP.NET driven Hosting Infrastructure Developed by Microsoft ASP.NET Experts

We have expertise in ASP.NET and we can prove it. We custom built our own ASP.NET driven "instant activation" hosting automation system that technologically leapfrogs the competition. Customers do not have to wait an hour or a day to get their site setup. Customers can start uploading their web applications right away.

Our control panel is custom built with ASP.NET technology.

With SeekDotNet you have full control over your web site

We provide a complete automated SeekDotNet .NET control panel for your account. Here you can set-up FTP logins, add web sites, install FrontPage Switch .NET Runtime version, Set NTFS Permission and much more automatically by yourself without have to create a support ticket.

We have custom built our control panel and our internal software from scratch with .NET and not dependent on any third party software for our hosting operations. This makes us expert and have all the resources in .NET windows hosting area. Please check our competitor's control panel before you decide to host with them, if they rely on third party control panel, probably means that they don't have the knowledge and resources to develop in house. We are different as we have developers, network engineers that is always available and ready to answer your technical questions

With the power of our .NET control panel, you'll be able to add or change domains, sub-domains, domain alias, domain redirect, email accounts, email alias, email forwarder, email lists, autoresponders, and many other functions to your windows and ASP.NET hosting account easily and conveniently by yourself 24/7 without our aid.

Multiple Websites Hosting Under one Single Account

In SeekDotNet, we provide flexibility in your windows and ASP.NET hosting plan which means that we can customize all our plans just to suit your needs. From hosting one single website until 55 in one account, we have it. This is because we own and develop our control panel and we have the ability to change and enhance our .NET control panel instantly without have to worry about the limitation on third party control panel. Have you ever realized why most of the web hosting company can't offer multi websites hosting on their plan?. The answer is they rely on third party Control Panel such as PLESK or HELM and most of them only support one website under one account.

100% Focus on Shared Windows Hosting

SeekDotNet focuses all resources in providing the best value in advanced Windows-based shared web hosting. We are not distracted by Unix, dedicated, or virtual private hosting. This is to ensure that we focus on one area and become expert on this.

With SeekDotNet every Website on any plan are monitor by qualified support 24/7

All our servers is constantly and regularly monitored by automated software that will alert us if any problems with the server. We even monitored all the important Windows services such as MAIL, SQL Server, DNS just to ensure that your site is always up and ready.

We have implemented strict anti-spam policies that ensure your e-mail server won't get over-burdened with junk that will prevent your mail from getting to it's destination in a timely manner.

We have extra computer parts standing by so that we can fix any hardware problem in a timely manner.

Famously familiar superior support

We've been widely recognized for our familiar, friendly, and fast support. Responses to emailed support requests often arrive in minutes. All support requests are fed into an advanced system enabling our support staff to spot cluster problems on a machine quickly and easily.

Our current average support response time runs at about 13.5 hours and we provide guarantee that all your support queries will be answered and reply within 24 hours or we will give you extra credits or month in your hosting plan. This is our guarantee for all our hosting plan

We are NOT Resellers

We do have our own server, equipment and technical support team ready and always available.

Microsoft-Recognized ASP.NET Hosting Leader

  • SeekDotNet is an officially recognized and featured .NET host in Microsoft's ASP.NET Hosting Advantage Program
  • SeekDotNet is one of the first hosts to officially launch SQL 2005 Hosting
  • SeekDotNet is one of the first hosts to officially launch ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting

Powerful Mail System with WebMail,IMAP and POP3 support.

Everybody hates SPAM right? Yes, we heard that and that's why we have SpamFilter available for each email account you set up and is available FREE when you signup with us for a hosting account. These spam filter systems is designed to help you eliminate and remove up-to 95% of junk mail and viruses from your inbox.

Our Mail System is powered by Smarter Mail and SmarterMail is totally build on .NET. It has all the features such as IMAP,WebMail and POP3. The WebMail interface is designed like Yahoo and Hotmail which have built in WYSIWYG editor that allow you to write HTML email easily.

Backups Performed Every Night

SeekDotNet understands the importance of our customer's data. Our Network Backup Solution is a comprehensive data preservation and storage solution. We can also support backup of live SQL Server databases without shutting down the database.

Depending on the windows and ASP.NET hosting plan you choose, files are backed up every night. However, even backups fail. If you have data that is important, we suggest that you keep your own backups. We also highly recommend that you edit your files locally and then post them rather than making live updates.

SeekDotNet saves you the expense and headaches of managing tape backups. We will backup the files specified every night incremental every night, and full backups once per week) to our centralized high-speed storage system.

Note: We highly encourage you to retain your own backup as frequently as possible. We do charge a onetime $30 fee per incident to restore any backups; Because it takes alot of times to extract data from our backup devices.

Uptime guarantee

The strength of our infrastructure and support systems makes it possible for SeekDotNet to offer an industry-leading 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime policy, covering all Web sites hosted on our servers. Subject to the terms of the Guaranteed Uptime policy ('SLA'), a customer's Web site will be up and available at least 99.9% of the time in any given calendar month

30 day Money back guarantee

At Seekdotnet , customer satisfaction is very important. We believe that we offer the most affordable, robust, reliable ASP and cheapest ASP.NET web hosting in the industry. We are so confident in our platform that our hosting services carry a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with our services for any reason within the first 30 days of usage you will be given a full refund of all monthly hosting fees.