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 ASP.Net Web hosting using IIS 7.5 and IIS 8 and Windows Server 2012, Support MS SQL 2008 and MS SQL 2012 Server, Free ASP.NET Components Included, Support Classic ASP, PHP , Perl and CGI, Support .NET 4.5 Hosting , .NET Hosting and .NET 2.0, 24/7 LIVE CHAT Support, Install Blogging, Forum, CMS Software, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Our web developers work 24/7 to provide best services and fresh innovations on the Windows Web Hosting. We committed to present the most robust and excellent Windows Hosting with the latest ASP.NET framework for any kind of requirements, for personal and business needs. Enjoy the best Windows Hosting and ASP.NET Hosting services with our Windows Hosting plans at the most affordable prices available.

Personal Windows Hosting

  • Price from $3.98
  • Suitable for personal website
  • Free Software Installation
  • Free DotNetPanel Control Panel
  • Server specification:
    • 8 Cores
    • 8 GB RAM
  • Max. 300 shared clients on the server
  • 24/7 Support

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Business Windows Hosting

  • Price from $7.98 $6.38*
  • Suitable for company website
  • Hosted on robust and stable server
  • Server specification:
    • 16 Cores
    • 16 GB RAM
  • Max. 120 shared clients on the server
  • Superior Performance
  • 24/7 Support

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Shared Windows Hosting Plan with ASP .NET support at

All of our Windows Hosting plans support MS SQL Server Database and free MySQL Database. This allows you to host latest ASP.NET web applications such as DotNetNuke, CommunityServer, MojoPortal Hosting and Windows SharePoint Services immediately for testing without necessity to purchase MS SQL 2008 or MS SQL 2012. You can also host latest PHP Applications such as WordPress , PHpBBForums , Joomla and much more.

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Ever wonder how to host ASP.NET web applications and PHP web applications on 1 hosting account? With's Windows Hosting plans, you now can mix and match PHP, ASP, ASP.NET on one single website. All of our servers is installed with the entire library required to run PHP, ASP, 1, 2, 3.5, or 4.5, Perl, and CGI.

Below is the list of our shared ASP.NET Hosting features.

Automated Installer

Full Automated Pre-installed Software & Scripts

With ASP.NET web hosting plans from, you will be able to install PHP software such as Blogging, E-commerce or CMS or perhaps Forum. You can choose one of the popular CMS, including Joomla , PHPBB, WordPress , PhpNuke , DotNetNuke & SiteFinity to create your own website easily, even if you are a beginner and don't know much about programming language.

Our clients can choose one from all the installations listed above and more in the control panel which are ready customized with easy 1 click installations. All the software will be installed within few seconds. Everything is fully automated and you can just click, sit back and relax.

Latest MySQL and SQL Server 2012 Database

Latest MySQL and SQL Server 2012 Database

Free MySQL Database and SQL Server 2008 Database for Business Web Hosting Plan. SQL Server 2012 is the latest SQL Server from Microsoft and has a lot of security and features improvements and performances compare to SQL Server 2008. Clients will have the alternatives options to choose for and decide which one is best-suit to host their websites, is it the MS SQL 2012 Database or MS SQL 2008 Database. For certain hosting plan, MS SQL 2012 is included for free. You don't have to purchase any add-ons or spend more money just to have the SQL Server 2012 Database.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Email Accounts

Frustrated with the limitations of number of email accounts that allowed to be created by your hosting plans? At's ASP.NET Web Hosting, every domain that you hosted with us is allowed to create unlimited amount of email accounts that alias with your domain name. You can create [email protected] as much as you like. Moreover, you can access your email account anywhere you like. For more flexibility and features, our Email Server is powered with the latest SmarterMail Mail Server. New users will be able to learn to use SmarterMail fast and easy.

ASP, ASP.NET , PHP Silverlight , ASP.NET 4.5, Sharepoint Supported

ASP, ASP.NET , PHP, Silverlight , ASP.NET 4.5 Supported

Do you want to run multiple applications on 1 hosting plan? On every hosting plan at including the ASP.NET Hosting, you will be able to setup and run applications such as DotNetNuke (ASP.NET Web Applications), Wordpress, Joomla(PHP Web Applications), or even develop your own Silverlight enabled website. supports many kinds of applications under one roof. You can mix and customize the programming language in one website such as ASP, ASP.NET, MVC or PHP in the same server because of the solid server platform at

Web Based Control Panel

Web Based Control Panel

At, we use DotNetPanel as our Control Panel. With DotNet Panel, you can control almost anything you need to configure in your IIS Server. It comes with fully automated features and software installer. You can install lots of applications in your websites in just one click Click here for more information about our software portal list & Try our Control Panel Demo.

Host Multiple Websites in 1 Hosting Account

Host Multiple Websites in 1 Hosting Account

Do you want to host and manage multiple websites under one account with one single fee? Our shared ASP.NET web hosting plans allow you to host more than one website under one hosting plan, so you do not need to register a new hosting account to host a new website. At other web hosting providers, normally you are allowed to host only one website per account. Switch to our hosting and save more money in the long run.

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