Windows Semi Dedicated Server

 Hosted in IIS 7.5 and Windows Server 2012, Support MS SQL 2008 and MS SQL 2012 Server, Free ASP.NET Components Included, Support Classic ASP, PHP, Perl and CGI, Only 10 Accounts hosted per server, Reliable place to host your High Traffic site, Free DotNetPanel, 24/7 LIVE CHAT Support, 30 Days Money Back guarantee

Semi Dedicated Server Plan at

All of our Semi Dedicated Server plans support MS SQL Server database and MySQL Database. This allow you to host your ASP Classic, ASP.NET and PHP application as on our shared hosting package. It also come with email services.

With our managed Semi Dedicated Server plans, you will experience the best performance as host your application on a dedicated server. Our Semi Dedicated Server account hosted under a high specfication and powerful server. And only 10 Accounts hosted per server.

Semi-Dedicated Server Hosting from SeekDotNet can be considered as a nearly resembler of dedicated server without having to pay a lot of money. It is more affordable, but rich of resources. With a maximum of 10 accounts on each semi-dedicated server and up to 1,000 GB bandwidth, you will get greater security, faster performance, and high-quality resources.

Hosting your website on SeekDotNet's semi-dedicated server plan allows you to have more freedom and resources to do what you need to do without having to make the step up to a dedicated server. As well as providing high speeds and reliability.

In starts with a basic root server onto which you then add additional products and services. In other words, you only pay for what you need.

There are some key points that distinguish Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting from Semi-Dedicated Server hosting. Let see the differences:

A virtualized server that usually includes Root Access. If you host your website with VPS hosting, you will get complete control over the server and not being interfered by another websites. This will require some IT knowledge since you need to set up, maintain, secure and optimize your server. VPS hosting is a great choice if you need full control over your server.

Semi-Dedicated Server Hosting Basically, a semi-dedicated server is similar to shared hosting but with fewer clients per server. This means you have to share resources with other websites in the same server. Our semi-dedicated server plans provide you a control panel and you don't need advance technical knowledge since support is provided.

A semi-dedicated server is better because you get a better and bigger share with it. On the other hand, you can get many virtual servers and work with them. The choice between the two depends completely on your needs.

Below is the list of our Semi Dedicated Server hosting advantages and features.

Semi Dedicated Personal
  • 1 Domain / Site
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 MSSQL
  • 3 MySQL
  • Free 1 Static IP
  • Shared SSL
Semi Dedicated Ultimate
  • 2 Domains / Sites
  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 MSSQL
  • 6 MySQL
  • Free 2 Static IP
  • Shared SSL
Better Performance

Better Performance

With only a few accounts sharing resources on the server, you will experience performance better than that of a shared server.



Best for those who are looking for features similar to a dedicated server but cannot go for a fully-dedicated server yet.

Great Deal of Resources

Great Deal of Resources

You have more bandwidth and more disk space at your disposal, letting you install and run more applications.



You don’t have to worry about the management of a semi-dedicated server as we take care of the hassle tasks.

Latest MySQL and SQL Server 2008 Database

Latest MySQL and SQL Server 2012 Database

Free MySQL Database and SQL Server 2012 Database for Business Hosting Plan. SQL Server 2012 is the latest SQL Server from Microsoft and has a lot of security and features improvements and performance compare to SQL Server 2008. Clients will have the alternative to choose to host their website on MS SQL 2012 database or MS SQL 2008 Database for certain hosting plan, MS SQL 2012 is included for free. You don't have to purchase any add-ons or spend more money just to have the SQL 2012.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Email Accounts

Frustrated with the limitations of number of email accounts that allowed being create with your hosting plans? At, every domains what you hosted with us are allow to create unlimited amount of email accounts that alias with your domain name. You can create [email protected] as much as you like. Moreover, you can access your email account anywhere you like. For more flexibility and features, our Email Server is powered with the latest SmarterMail Mail Server. New users will be able to learn to use SmarterMail fast and easy.

ASP, ASP.NET , PHP Silverlight , ASP.NET 3.5, Sharepoint Supported

ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Silverlight , ASP.NET 4.5 Supported

Expecting to run multiple applications on 1 hosting plans? For every hosting plan at, you are able to setup and run applications such as DotNetNuke (ASP.NET Applications), Joomla(PHP Applications), or even develop your own Silverlight enabled website. supports many kinds of applications under one roof. You can mix and customize the programming language in one website such as ASP, ASP.NET or PHP in the same servers because of the solid server platform at