Reseller ASP.NET Hosting FAQ

 Start your own Windows Reseller Hosting Business, Be your own ASP.NET Hosting Reseller. Fully Anonymous and White Label Reseller System. Set the price and Hosting plan as you like. Integrated Billing support PayPal 2CO, WorldPay.

ASP.NET Reseller Hosting FAQ

What is Reseller Hosting?
In Reseller Hosting, a Reseller gets bulk disk space on our Windows servers. The Reseller can make Shared Hosting plans to sell web hosting space along with all the available features. In Reseller Hosting, the Reseller gets access to a Reseller Control Panel to manage his or her hosting operating, and the Reseller's clients get access to End-User Control panels so they can manage their domains.
What are Reseller Hosting Users Account? Who would want to resell web hosting? How long does it take for my account to be activated? Can I host more than one independent website? How can I access my email accounts? Do I need experience/education to start reseller hosting? How do I know what to charge for hosting services? What are the amount that my customers willing to pay? How can i make sure that my reseller hosting business reasonably profitable? How do I promote my web hosting business? How easy is it to set up and create web host accounts for my customers? If one of my customers has a problem, who do they contact for support? How can my clients access the Reseller Hosting control panel? What is the difference between Reseller hosting with others Reseller Hosting providers? What are some good questions to ask a Reseller Hosting Provider before I sign up?