Windows Sharepoint 3.0 and Sharepoint 2010 FAQ

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Windows Sharepoint Hosting FAQ

What is the different in between WSS 3 Hosting or Sharepoint 2010 and MOSS Sharepoint?
You can consider WSS 3 a "smaller" version of MOSS . What we have here is a Sharepoint 2010 or WSS 3 Hosting on a shared server and since it is located on a shared server, we can offer it at a cheaper price. However, there are things that you cannot do on a shared server, such as you cannot do anything that requires administrative access (such as an access to the Sharepoint Administration portal, Sharepoint backup from the server, etc) and you cannot have an RDP access.
How can I install any webparts or third-party applications/components? Will I have a full access to all the features of MOSS or WSS? Can I customize my own site, such as settings alerts, themes, etc? Can I deploy my own WebParts to your server?