FREE ASP.NET Components

 Free ASP , ASP.NET Components, No need to purchase the components and you can use it instantly, Software Artisans, Server Objects COM included, File System Object, Persits Object included, and Classic ASP Web Hosting, PHP and MYSQL Hosting.

FREE ASP.NET Components

SeekDotNet aim to made your programming life easier, so these ASP.NET and ASP components are installed on our web servers and are available for use by all our customers at no cost !

Obout Tree View

ASP TreeView is much faster and much smaller (only 44 KB) than any other .NET TreeView, including Microsoft free TreeViews and all other 3rd party TreeViews.

Yet it is easiest to use. It has many styles and dynamic loading ability. You can put any HTML tags and script into the nodes.

Software Artisans File Upload

FileUpSE transmits files from a local hard disk to a server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or to a separate file server that is networked to the Web server. With FileUpSE, file transfer sizes can reach 4 GB within ASP or ASP.NET with minimal server resources. This incredible file transfer strength means you never have to worry about

Files can be of any format, such as Word documents, images or plain text. Developers can use FileUpSE to receive and process user input, while staying within the context of their Active Server application [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

SoftArtisans FileManager is an easy-to-use file management control that enhances file manipulation. FileManager is fully compliant with Microsoft's Scripting.FileSystemObject (the component often used to access the server's file system), while increasing performance and adding many sophisticated features. [^]

Software Artisans Excel Write

Using Excel as your design tool, you can create, modify and deliver spreadsheets that contain full Excel functionality within a high-request Web server environment [Info] [Tutorial] [^]


The FileSystemObject (FSO) is used to access the web server's file system.

For example, you can read a file's content, create files, and determine whether or not a folder or file exists. [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) is a technology for building messaging applications. For example, CDO and Active Server Pages enable you to add scripts to a Web site to provide support for creating, sending, and receiving e-mail.

CDO for Windows 2000 (CDOSYS) is the standard API for building Web-based messaging applications on Windows 2000 Server. CDOSYS provides enhanced functionality over CDONTS. [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

Microsoft TreeView Web Control

The TreeView control facilitates authoring of user interfaces that render hierarchical datasets, folder views, and other similar data structures. This control implements several powerful features, including support for data binding and rich Dynamic HTML (DHTML) behaviors in uplevel browsers. In most scenarios, a TreeView can be authored declaratively; however, this control can also be programmed extensively on the client or server. [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

component for "tearing" web pages from a server? If you have searched for such a solution, then you are right here: AspTear allows you to retrieve web pages from servers easily with a bunch of features.

Here's a list of the component's main features:

  • Supports GET and POST
  • Send query strings and POST data to the server
  • Access HTTP and HTTPS resources
  • Log in to secured sites with username/password
[Info] [Tutorial] [^]

Thanks to w3 JMail it is now possible to send and retrieve e-mail from any client without the use of a mail program or a mail server. w3 JMail can be used by developers to send and receive e-mail from their ASP code or Windows program in a very simple way. Not only is it possible to send e-mails, w3 JMail now also features retrieval of e-mails, encryption and advanced massmailing features.

New in v 4.4:

    • Some issues regarding incorrect handling of attachments in POP3 were fixed.
    • An issue which sometimes generated an error when iterating
    • multiple attachments were fixed.
    • The property "NoAutoContentID" was added to the message object. If set to true, no Content-ID header will be generated for regular attachments. For inline attachments, the header is still set. This can be used to solve some attachment problems occuring with certain email-clients. [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

ServerObjects Image Size

ImageSize will determine the image height and width on most BMP, PNG, GIF and JPG files. [Info] [^]

ServerObjects AspPing

Ping from ASP. [Info] [^]

ServerObjects LastMod

Get a file's last modified date/time from ASP. [Info] [^]

ServerObjects Waitfor

Using this component you can pause your ASP app for a specified time, wait until a file exists or wait until the component can get exclusive read/write permissions to a file. [Info] [^]

ServerObjects AspCrypt

Duplicates the one-way algorithm used by Crypt on Unix [Info] [^]

ServerObjects GUIDMaker

Create GUID's from ASP [Info] [^]

ServerObjects AspExec

AspExec allows you to execute DOS and Windows apps. DOS programs which return results via stdio can be executed and the results are returned as a string. You can optionally set a timeout to wait for either Dos or Windows applications. [Info] [^]

ServerObjects AspInet

This component allows you to remotely GET and PUT files via FTP from ASP. Note: This is a server-side component and does not read client-side files. This is for strictly server-side file transfer. [Info] [^]

ServerObjects AspProc

AspProc is a component that will : 1. Return a variant array of process id's and process names 2. Terminate a particular process by process ID [Info] [^]

ServerObjects AspBible

AspBible 1.0 - Bible Component This component will allow for dynamic generation of Bible text [Info] [^]

ServerObjects ASPMail

AspMail is used on more ASP installations than any other commercial or free product. Used on 1000's of Web sites around the world, this component allows you to send SMTP mail directly from a Web page. Versions 2.5x and > are 2-3 times faster than previous versions and have very low CPU utilization. [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

ServerObjects AspImage

AspImage allows you to create or modify images "on the fly". Features include: 1. Create new or modify existing images 2. Add text and images transparently 3. Create gradient fills 4. Draw methods such as rectangle, arc and circle 5. Crop, flip, resize and rotate images 6. Button, darken, lighten and other effects 7. Load images from OLE variants or other AspImage objects 8. Supports Response.BinaryWrite [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

ServerObjects AspPop3

AspPOP3 allows you to retrieve and delete mail from any standard POP3 server via a Web page. AspPOP3 2.x exposes message headers via properties and handles decoding file attachments. [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

ServerObjects AspFile

AspFile is a component in the AspLib series. This component comes packaged with other components of the AspLib series. The components are not available for purchase seperately. AspFile provides access to commonly need file functions including: 1. File copy, move, delete and rename 2. Directory listings 3. File attributes and sizes 4. Directory creation and deletion 5. Creating unique file names [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

ServerObjects AspConv

AspConv is a component in the AspLib series. This component comes packaged with other components of the AspLib series. The components are not available for purchase seperately. AspConv provides access to commonly needed conversion functions including: 1. Base64 encoding and decoding of files and strings 2. UUEncoding and decoding of files 3. HTML encoding and decoding of strings 4. Conversion of common MIME type descriptions and extensions [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

ServerObjects AspDNS

AspDNS provides IP lookup and reverse host name lookup for known IP addresses. [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

AspHTTP allows you to GET/POST/HEAD documents using the HTTP protocol.

Features include: GET, HEAD and POST request methods Response headers are exposed Accept headers are modifiable Adjustable timeout Proxy support Custom User-Agent headers Custom Content-Type headers for POST Redirection Supports authentication areas (Basic only, NOT NTLM) Retrieves URLs to a file including binary files Allows custom HTTP request headers [Info] [Tutorial] [^]

AspMX provides ASP developers with a way to do DNS queries for MX (mailhost) records. By querying the DNS for mail records an Internet developer can determine which servers for a particular domain are designated as incoming SMTP servers. AspMX returns the MX server names in ranked order, the 1st server being the designated domain's primary server and so forth. [Info] [Tutorial] [^]


is a powerful URL manipulation engine based on regular expressions. It acts mostly like Apache's mod_Rewrite, but is designed specifically for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). ISAPI_Rewrite is an ISAPI filter written in pure C/C++ so it is extremely fast. ISAPI_Rewrite gives you the freedom to go beyond the standard URL schemes and develop your own scheme.

Please check ISAPI_Rewrite for full details. What you can do with ISAPI_Rewrite:

  • Optimize your dynamic content like forums or e-stores to be indexed by a popular search engines.
  • Block hot linking of your data files by other sites.
  • Develop a custom authorization scheme and manage access to the static files using custom scripts and database.
  • Proxy content of one site into directory on another site.
  • Make your Intranet servers to be accessible from the Internet by using only one Internet server with a very flexible permissions and security options.
  • Create dynamic host-header based sites using a single physical site.
  • Create virtual directory structure of the site hiding physical files and extensions. This also helps moving from one technology to another.
  • Return a browser-dependent content even for static files.