DotNetNuke 4.9.0 Hosting

 Host Unlimited DotNetNuke 4.9.0 Parent Portals, Host Unlimited DNN 4.9.0 Child Portals, Automated DotNetNuke 4.9.0 Installation, Full AJAX ,.NET 3 and SQL Reporting Services 2005 Support, and Internet or Intranet sites can be developed entirely with built-in DotNetNuke 4.9.0

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DotnetNuke 4.9.0

Client needs to ensure that his hosting package does have one new MS SQL 2005 database or MS SQL 2008 database available for the installation. Without the accessibility of the MSSQL database, the free installation will not work and hence, your DotNetNuke 4.9.0 cannot be installed. It also requires Windows 2003 hosting with IIS 6 hosting compatible, Windows 2008 hosting with IIS 7.0 hosting

Cheap DotnetNuke 4.9.0 Hosting Features and Benefits

DotNetNuke is an open-source content management system ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, and online publishing portals. DotNetNuke is built on a Microsoft ASP.NET Visual Studio platform, and is easily installed and hosted with all of our ASP.NET web Hosting Plans

What are the change of DotnetNuke 4.9.0?

Some changes done on the brand new DotNetNuke 4.9.0 are fixed longstanding issue in the file based caching provider. There was invalid logic in the caching provider which prevented it from working correctly, fixed issues with the URL Rewriter. There were several issues which could result in unreachable pages using friendly URLs, Fixed several dictionary errors. These errors mostly occurred under heavy load or were otherwise intermittent. Added a new default template that removes much of the clutter and unnecessary information. Enhanced the Update Notification Service to display information on new language packs and much much more.

Why DotnetNuke 4.9.0 Web Hosting with Us?

  • Our hosting plan support automated DotNetNuke installation.
  • Every website is hosted using Isolated Application Pool in order to meet maximum security standard and reliability
  • 24/7/365 Technical and Email support from our DotNetNuke Expert
  • Managed Backup / Recovery of customer data - Our company backs up all data daily and is available for recovery at anytime at your request
  • Fast and secure MSSQL and Web servers give you maximum reliability and performance
  • Fast and dedicated customer service second to none in the windows reseller hosting industry
  • We have wide-ranging experience with DotNetNuke hosting and troubleshooting
  • ASP.Net hosting is compatible with the DotNetNuke hosting management and collaboration application

New features of DotnetNuke 4.9.0 Web Hosting?

  • Internet or Intranet sites can be developed entirely with built-in DotNetNuke 4.9.0 features, or can be augmented through third-party private assembly tools. Suitable for many projects, from the smallest website to the largest corporate deployment.
  • Software can be completely incorporated, modified, and adapted to personal/business use without having to worry about legalities. So no licensing issues are of concern with DotNetNuke 4.9.0 Hosting.
  • The open source nature allows programmers and webmasters to read, redistribute, and modify the source code, essentially evolving the software at a rapid pace. End-user suggestions result in quick improvements and enhancements to the software.
  • Well-researched interface makes it easy for users to manage all aspects of their projects. Site wizards, help icons, and an intuitive user interface allow universal ease-of-operation.
  • Large user base and easy access to community support with a dedicated core programming team, over 125,000 registered users, and a growing legion of third-party developers, hosters, and resellers.
  • Emphasis placed on validation, encryption, tracking and potential threats.

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